Together in making POWORDFUL choices, we live POWERFUL lives

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 Well ‘Hello’ and welcome to the POWORDFUL page. It’s great to connect with you HERE!!

Powordful is a professional Training and Transformational Coaching Consultancy, committed to providing its customers with the skills and confidence to achieve their business and personal goals.  Good communication, encouragement and high standards form the basis of our services.  We also feel it’s vital to develop a close rapport with all our customers to give the best possible service.  Powordful is built on personal service.

Have you ever wondered how you can change the working style of your team to match your organisation?

Is your team’s lack of motivation affecting your profits, and now is the time to do something about it?

Do you find yourself feeling frustrated, overwhelmed or lacking vision?

Are you ‘ready’ and ‘fired up’ to do something that you are passionate about?


What are the thoughts that ran through YOUR mind, whilst reading the questions?

Did you find yourself reading them out aloud or were you reading them in silence?

Was there any particular one that JUMPED out at you at all?


Wondering how Powordful could boost moral and instill confidence in one of the most valuable assets of any business… its resource?

Could this be the support you have been looking?


When life is feeling at a standstill in your business or personal life, at a deeper level you know it is TIME for a CHANGE of sort, though you are not sure what to do to make the necessary adjustments.

If you have been searching for a simple and effective way of turning ‘THINGS’ around in your BUSINESS, for your TEAM or PERSONALLY…. then CLICK HERE to find out MORE of what Powordful can do for YOU!

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I do love your cards and try and pick one when I feel I need some positive, intuitive thought. I am so grateful that I can be open to ideas that help me change my old ways of thinking. Little by little, I hope to improve my life and be more successful, give more and help others. Best wishes from Andy

Andy, Self Employed

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About Olive

Communication is key for our existence, as it affects our thinking, our behaviour, and hence, the choices we make. This is what my programmes are geared towards, improving the communication with ourselves and others, that produces excellent results. Together in making POWORDFUL choices, we live POWERFUL lives.