• Materialism-v-Spiritual

    Materialism v Spiritualism
    Published on August,21, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    When God orders changes to occur, chaos ensues, as struggle breaks out between materialism and spiritualism. For decades, materialism was allowed to reign, in promoting a material culture.Materialism was happy in taking full responsibility, dominating whilst promoting technology, economic wealth and advancement in science.Materialism prospered globally, though selfishly destroying our oceans, our land, our food, and our mind, all for its own personal gain.  After a series of global setbacks, ... Read More...

  • Feeding-your-soul

    Feeding the Soul
    Published on August,2, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    When we think of nourishment we think mainly of what we eat. Nourishment is far deeper and greater, as it is, all the things that we consume. It is the words we use, the programmes we watch, the music we listen to, the people we surround ourselves with, how we communicate, our behaviour, our attitude, our values, far more when we stop to think. All these are a form of nourishment, which continues to feed our souls in either a negative or positive light.What is the purpose of life, if you continu... Read More...

  • Jack-of-all-trade

    Jack of all trades, master of none!
    Published on April,28, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    How many of us want to do everything, and find ourselves not being ‘a master’ in a particular area of interest.  We have heard the saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none!’.  I can relate to this, as I have also been a member of this ‘club’, going back many years ago.There are those that claim to do DIY, and yet items that they put together are never complete or fall apart.  There are those that do photographer, all because they believe they can take better pics, than those tha... Read More...

  • Why? ….Because you are worth it!
    Published on March,12, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    Do not allow anyone to place a value on you that depreciates you, undermines who you are, and what you believe in.I was recently bidding for a particular piece of work, and was told that because someone is cheaper than me, they are likely to consider them, and if I wanted to continue with the bid, I should reduce my price.  Well, my spiritual intuition kicked in, silently telling me NOT to under value myself.  That if I believe that I am worth what I had quoted, then I should not lower the pr... Read More...

  • If you don’t take charge someone else will!
    Published on March,8, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    Most recently I have seen pictures on the internet, where women and men have lost their own leadership positions, and have allowed others to take over their lives.Those groups of LEADERS, have manipulated their followers in situations that are advantageous solely to them.  In some cases it is reasonable to say, that they have dehumanised their followers by controlling them in what is openly ‘stage managed’.  To the extent of making them believe, that what they are doing is natural, when in... Read More...

  • What does FORGIVENESS mean to you?
    Published on March,3, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    Happy New Month ~ MarchWishing you all a new month overflowing with FAITH.It was not so long ago, back at the beginning of February that I was talking about each month coming up with a word that we can use as a way of assessing how good or bad, or important something is, in comparison to other things going on in our lives.  We need not only to find an equilibrium, we also need to put it into practice to lift our spirit.  In February the word was FORGIVENESS.Well how did you do practising FORG... Read More...

  • Happy New Month of Feb
    Published on February,4, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    Going forwards now each month, I shall come up with a word that we can use to put life into perspective, and practice. This month I chose for us FORGIVENESS. Let us practice this word for the month of February. FORGIVING all those that have hurt you, financially, emotionally – caused you hurt/pain whichever way you choose to look at it. Please do share what your thoughts, experiences of overcoming ‘FORGIVENESS’ here or privately. I would like to know how you are dealing with FORGIVENE... Read More...

  • No more excuses!
    Published on January,13, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    How much longer are you going to keep making the same excuses, and mistakes?How much longer are you going to keep saying that ‘No one is perfect’?That adage is just an excuse in my opinion, for not striving to do better, not striving for improvement, not striving to raise your standards or game.Without practise how can you ever improve?  You have to work at something to improve it and perfect it.  Giving up is such a cheaper option, and a less challenging one.In the same way we seek to in... Read More...

  • Olive’s LiveTalk: 10 regularly broken New Year’s Resolutions
    Published on January,6, 2014 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    Each year many of us make a declaration, about what we are going to do or accomplish in the New Year. Then come mid January, some of us start to regress to how we did not intend to push ourselves so hard. Here is my list of 10 commonly broken New Year’s resolutions. Which of the 10 do you commonly break ? Why do some of us continue to make them at all? -> Going to bed earlier -> Stop smoking -> Healthy eating -> Drinking less alcohol -> Going to the gym -> To read more ... Read More...

    Published on November,7, 2013 | Olive Guillais-Lazure

    POWORDFUL Conversations this week with Dr Vilma Brunhuer (of Vilma’s Wellness), we talked about the affects certain foods can have on our well-being. My reasoning for having Dr Vilma on the show, was to highlight how very often when we refer to being ‘positive’, we generally associate ‘positivity’ with the mind i.e. focusing on the positive things rather than the negative. Albeit, when it comes to food, some of us tend to throw that ‘caution to the wind’, and crave for the ‘n... Read More...

Client Testimonials

  • Once again thank you for the excellent training.

    I found the presentation of the high level workflow very helpful. It enabled me to understand the organisational structure, the core duties for each section, the authorising procedure and the work processes required to achieve desired outcomes. This diagrammatic overview is worth more than a 1000 words and helps provide a mental picture of the ‘grand design’.

    Being able to formulate these concepts in the way in which you did; displayed an ability to empathise with newcomers and empower them to effortlessly connect with the workflow more speedily. If I had not received your information at the time that I did; it would have taken longer for me to process overall procedures.

    Also highlighting key concepts to manage data processing prevented overload and helped me understand core tasks I need to master in order to establish a baseline of future success.

    Your assistance has been invaluable.

  • I attended the ‘How comfortable are you shrinking to fit’ through business/personal life’ Workshop. It was the jump start I needed. I knew I had lots of skills and experience but I lacked the motivation. I was stuck and shrinking by the minute. The workshop helped me to release any negative doubts and to fulfill my potential. I left the workshop excited about creating a life without limits’. Thank you Olive you are an inspiration.

  • Olive has an empathetic and encouraging coaching style. Olive has helped me become more self aware and to vocalise thoughts and put actions into place to help me move forward with my goals. I have enjoyed working with Olive as my coach.

  • Brilliant and very professinal coaching sessions that I was looking forward to. They helped me to define my goals and made me very motivated to carry out the tasks necessary to reach them. Thanks to Olive’s positivity my outlook on life in general and on my abilitieis to achieve my goals, is now very positive, leading to an increased enthusiasm, focus and energy.

  • Very powerful conversation there with Kamara. I loved it. Olive you have a very good voice for media & you instil confidence in the interviewee.

  • Before you even started your presentation, your positive energy was felt in the room. During the presentation, I felt I had went through a self discovery journey. Also, I have found answers to what was holding me back.
    After the presentation, I felt very happy and physically a lot lighter than before.

    The next morning, I woke up feeling very refresh and I was able to focus and get tasks done which would normally take me a couple of weeks to do, which it took me a couple of hours.

  • Olive has a very unique ability to address the key issues and was able to help me determine (for myself) what I needed to do in my life to achieve the goals I had set out at our initial session.

  • Olive was clear in making sure I considered and exercised all options and tools available to me to which could help with managing my time. After each session I was encouraged to go away and think about my options, write them down in conjunction with statements so that, not only my mind was conditioned to think more optimistically about tasks that lay ahead, but also I became active in making sure that outstanding tasks were completed.

  • The coaching has really helped me in achieving my goals. It has helped in putting my business in the right perspective. It has also helped me to stay focused, and to have a more positive attitude.

    Olive has really helped me to discover who I am. Now I can put things down on paper and take action, and to avoid procrastination as much as possible. Big thank you to you Olive for helping me discover myself.